The Google Cardboard VR Veur

The Google Cardboard VR Veur

The Google Cardboard VR Veur.

We got a couple of these cool headset for the Coding Clubhouse. The  Google Cardboard VR Veur is just like the Oculus. Except there are a couple differences. Like the Oculus is $400 and requires a $1,300 computer/laptop (cheapest), but the  Google Cardboard VR Veur is $5 and requires a cellphone. The Google Cardboard VR Viewer is a box looking thing with 2 lenses there are lots of companies that make this other than Google to. To make it work you get a free app with your phone and slid your phone in the side and when you look through it you see an image and if  you look around you can see in different directions (like the Oculus Rift).


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