The Coding Clubhouse

The Coding Clubhouse

The Coding Clubhouse is a S.O.L.E. based organization helping kids learn to code.

I want to Inspire Kids to Code.  You know what an Apple store looks like with gadgets up front and the Genius Bar in back?  Well what I want is a Club House where kids can come, hangout and play. Explore new gadgets from the Internet of Things to Warbles.How about a poster of a drum set that you can actually play like real drums, or a shirt that changes color based on smells in the room and even cleans itself.  Of cores we would have Google Glass an Oculus Rift and Robots to play with because these are the things that can Inspire Kids to Code.
Right now we have a website up that shows people some of the possibilities but what we want to do next is create the actual clubhouse.  A popup store, for now, where kids can come see, touch, and play with the latest technology.  My father and I have been buying gadgets and so far we have Google Glass, an Oculus Rift, a Leap Motion, Robots, our shopping list includes DrumPants, a 3D printer.
Well, If any one here wants to help, Spencer’s are always welcome. If any one has a place where we can a pop up clubhouse for a month or two and of cores Gadgets lots of gadgets.  Things the kids want to play with. You can contact me Like us at Facebook, and connect with me on linkedin.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          – Alannah

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