Leap Motion

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion.

We got this cool device for the Coding Clubhouse. It looks like a small silver box with a black top. The way that you set it up is you take the cord that comes with it and you plug one end into your computer and take the other end and plug it into your leap motion. What it does is if you put your hands over it then it shows your hands on a screen as if you are reaching into the computer and you can grab stuff and move it. The way that it works is it shoots lasers and however long it takes it how far away or close your hand is. The Leap Motion was created to go with the Oculus Rift if you mount the leap motion to the Oculus Rift then if you are playing a game and you put your hands in front of you than it senses your hands and tells the Oculus Rift so that the game works

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