Google Glass

Google Glass

The Google Glass.

We got this cool headset for the Coding Clubhouse. It looks like a headband in the wrong direction with a little cube of glass and an angle in the middle. When you are wearing this if you look to your upper left at it it projects a skreen out in front of you. The Google Glass was invented because Google thought that they could make technology work for you to help people with reminders, your schedule, the time, and much much more. In my opinion the Glass was released too early. There were a lot of glitches and it was very hard to get it to work. I think that they should have kept working on it then when it was more ready they should release it. that is what they are doing now they have shut down the explore program and they are starting to stop making it they are working 0n a better more advanced version and will release the new one in a little while.


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