eTc Educational Theater Company

eTc Educational Theater Company

I started eTc five years ago and since then eTc has become a big part of my life. So far I have performed in nine shows and I loved performing in them. The shows that I have performed in are; Annie Warbucks, Honk, Narnia, Peter pan, Oliver, Shrek, Seussical The Musical, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and The Beast. Although I love theater because of the shows and the roles that I get I also like theater  because I get to sing, dance, and act, but most of all I get to be myself. Acting, singing, and dancing makes me feel free. It is so fun to be on stage at the end of the show hearing the audience clap and to think of what I achieved.

I really hope that I can keep acting. And that I can do what I love!


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  1. Carmella says:

    GO ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. affadmin1994 says:

    Hi I love your website!!!

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