Posted by affadmin1994 - November 12th, 2014

I just learned how to code javascript on khan academy this is the dog that I made.

var x = 200;
var y = 220;

background(221, 0, 255);

fill(117, 94, 4);
stroke(77, 55, 3);
arc(x+30, y-40, 237, 200, 10, 180);//nose
fill(117, 94, 4);
ellipse(x-55, y-20, 239, 218);//hed
ellipse(x-90, y+10, 114, 215);//ear
fill(0, 0, 0);
arc(x, y-90, 33, 41, 1, 180);//eye
ellipse(x+142, y-22, 29, 20);//nose (tip)
fill(117, 94, 4);
rect(x-10, y-35, 75, 90);//blok for nose

//out side border
fill(205, 115, 196);
//bottom left
rect(0, 330, 10, 10);
rect(0, 340, 20, 10);
rect(0, 350, 30, 10);
rect(0, 360, 40, 10);
rect(0, 370, 50, 10);
rect(0, 380, 60, 10);
rect(0, 390, 400, 10);
//bottom right
rect(390, 330, 10, 70);
rect(380, 340, 10, 60);
rect(370, 350, 10, 50);
rect(360, 360, 10, 40);
rect(350, 370, 10, 30);
rect(340, 380, 10, 20);
rect(330, 390, 10, 10);
//top left
rect(0, 0, 330, 10);
rect(0, 10, 60, 10);
rect(0, 20, 50, 10);
rect(0, 30, 40, 10);
rect(0, 40, 30, 10);
rect(0, 50, 20, 10);
rect(0, 60, 10, 270);
//top right
rect(330, 0, 70, 10);
rect(340, 10, 60, 10);
rect(350, 20, 50, 10);
rect(360, 30, 40, 10);
rect(370, 40, 30, 10);
rect(380, 50, 20, 10);
rect(390, 60, 10, 270);

The Coding Clubhouse

Posted by affadmin1994 - October 28th, 2014

The Coding Clubhouse is a S.O.L.E. based organization helping kids learn to code.

I want to Inspire Kids to Code.  You know what an Apple store looks like with gadgets up front and the Genius Bar in back?  Well what I want is a Club House where kids can come, hangout and play. Explore new gadgets from the Internet of Things to Warbles.How about a poster of a drum set that you can actually play like real drums, or a shirt that changes color based on smells in the room and even cleans itself.  Of cores we would have Google Glass an Oculus Rift and Robots to play with because these are the things that can Inspire Kids to Code.
Right now we have a website up that shows people some of the possibilities but what we want to do next is create the actual clubhouse.  A popup store, for now, where kids can come see, touch, and play with the latest technology.  My father and I have been buying gadgets and so far we have Google Glass of cores and an Oculus Rift, as well as a Leap Motion, our shopping list includes DrumPants, a 3D printer and of cores Robots.
Well, If any one here wants to help, Spencer’s are always welcome. If any one has a place where we can a pop up clubhouse for a month or two and of cores Gadgets lots of gadgets.  Things the kids want to play with. You can contact me Like us at Facebook, and connect with me on linkedin.
- Alannah


Posted by affadmin1994 - October 17th, 2014

My family and I went on a trip to Ireland and it was really fun

My grandfather lives in Ireland so my family and I were able to stay in his house, across the rode from his house there is a fled I met a lot of new friends in on that fled and they told me how to play games including curb ball, my friends also tot me how to dordich.

Ireland has a lot of castles some of them were just old rewens of casuals but others were beautiful restored castles, I even stayed in the tower room of a castle, the highest room in a castle.

In Ireland everyday was an advencher some days we spend on a tour bus in Dublin, on day we sow the devils bite, one day we spent at the giants cosway, one day we spent at the gins factory.

eTc (educational theater company)

Posted by affadmin1994 - October 17th, 2014

I started eTc three years ago and since then eTc has become a big part of my life. So far I have performed in six shows and I loved performing in them. The shows that I have performed in are;

1. Annie Warbucks, I performed  the role of an orphan

2. Honk, I performed the role of a farm yard animal, a fish, and my favorite role was a tadpole because I got a solo

3. Narnia, I performed the role of a fairy

4. Peterpan, I performed the role of a lost boy, and a dancing ballerina elephant  (a stuffed animal got pixie dust on it)

5.Oliver I performed the role of a pickpocket

6.Shrek, I performed the role of a fairytale creature (I was one of the three pigs !).

Although I love theater because of the shows and the roles that I get I also like theater  because I get to sing, dance, and act, but most of all I get to be myself. Acting, singing, and dancing makes me feel free.

I really hope that I can keep acting. And that I can do what I love.


Posted by affadmin1994 - October 17th, 2014

The reason that I named my website my meadow is because my name is Ainsley my name mens one’s own meadow.