• Marry Poppins

    Right now I am rehearsing for the title character in the Marry Poppins Musical. I can not wait to bring this magical story to life with the talented cast and crew. I'm shure it will be practically perfect in every way :)

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  • Maus

    Right now I am reading the Maus by Art Spiegelman. This is a two volume graphic novel set about Vladeck's experiences as a jew in the Holocaust. It is a very interesting read and I would highly recommend it.

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A website about ME!!

I love musical theater, technology, and books!

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When I have free time I love to read. It takes me to far away places.

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Another activity that I enjoy is sketching. I love that you can express yourself.

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I like to sing, dance, and act. I have been doing musical theater since I was young and I have loved it ever since.

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Technology is the new big thing and I am so excited.