Back to School

I am so excited to return to school again. I can not wait to see my friends again! And i can not wait to show my friends the new school supplies that I got for example; I got new mechanical pencils,  I got new gel pens, I got a new binder, I got a sparkly note book, I got a leather note book, and I got a zuca backpack that is hot pink with sequins and a metal lock !!!

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My family and I went on a trip to Ireland and it was really fun

My grandfather lives in Ireland so my family and I were able to stay in his house, across the rode from his house there is a fled I met a lot of new friends in on that fled and they told me how to play games including curb ball, my friends also tot me how to dordich.

Ireland has a lot of castles some of them were just old rewens of casuals but others were beautiful restored castles, I even stayed in the tower room of a castle, the highest room in a castle.

In Ireland everyday was an advencher some days we spend on a tour bus in Dublin, on day we sow the devils bite, one day we spent at the giants cosway, one day we spent at the gins factory.


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Educational Theater Company (eTc)


I started eTc three years ago and since then eTc has become a big part of my life. So far I have performed in six shows and I loved performing in them. The shows that I have performed in are;

1. Annie Warbucks, I performed  the role of an orphan

2. Honk, I performed the role of a farm yard animal, a fish, and my favorite role was a tadpole because I got a solo

3. Narnia, I performed the role of a fairy

4. Peterpan, I performed the role of a lost boy, and a dancing ballerina elephant  (a stuffed animal got pixie dust on it)

5.Oliver I performed the role of a pickpocket

6.Shrek, I performed the role of a fairytale creature (I was one of the three pigs !)


Although I love theater because of the shows and the roles that I get I also like theater  because I get to sing, dance, and act, but most of all I get to be myself. Acting, singing, and dancing makes me feel free.

I really hope that I can keep acting. And that I can do what I love.

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Ainsley my name means one’s own meadow that is why I named my website that!

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this is my ferst post

thank you for coming to my new websit

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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